Kayakalpa : The Elixir Of Everlasting Youth

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Author: Dr. Lakshmi Nandan Bora

Edition: 2010

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Published: August 2010

Product ID: 8589

Supplier: Pathak Shamabesh


Anuj Kripalani is an internationally renowned scientist who apparently has everything-scientific breakthroughs, awards, fame, wealth and a fine family. A deep personal crisis makes him return to India, to rediscover himself and to find out an answer to the question that has always haunted the human race from time immemorial. Anuj thus sets forth on a physical, emotional, spiritual and scientific journey in India. He is reunited with his former sweetheart and finds spiritual solace in his guru. But the answer to the question-the key to rejuvenation-continues to elude him till he finally learns the secret, in which he is helped by a yogi's Kayakalpa treatment and modern science. While he feels like a creator, sculpting his human subjects anew, unforeseen complications arise. He is caught in a dilemma and has to make a difficult choice. His discovery tests his ethics and ultimately a profound realisation dawns upon him.