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Kazi & Kazi Six Chamber Jute Tea Box

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  • Brand: Kazi & Kazi
  • Product Name: Six Chamber Jute Tea Box
  • Product Type: Tea Box
  • Flavour: 6
  • Total Quantity: 30pcs

Product ID: 20488

Product Liability and Sold By: Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd


Kazi and Kazi Tea Estate is a pioneer of organic tea plantation in Bangladesh. Kazi and Kazi Tea are the first internationally certified organic tea estate, and Kazi and Kazi Tea use only natural resources to control agricultural pests and weeds. Extensive soil testing was used to grow tea plant in barren flat land. In order to keep natural organic process Kazi and Kazi Tea used Neem based bio-pesticide and cow dung based fertilizers in our farming process. In this way Kazi and Kazi Tea are restoring the environment and returning bio-diversity of the nature in the area.

Six Chamber Jute Tea Box is a wonderful creation of Kazi and Kazi Tea. Six Chamber Jute Tea Box have a great look to gift anyone who loves tea. This box contain 6 flavours of tea.