M. F. Husain : A Pictorial Tribute

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Author: Pradeep Chandra

Edition: UK ed.

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Published: January 2012

Product ID: 8581

Supplier: Pathak Shamabesh


A master painter, a colourful persona, a filmmaker with a difference, a lover of the most expensive cars on earth, a painter who preferred to walk barefoot-Maqbaal Fida Husain was an enigma even to those who knew him best. M.F. Husain's was an inspiring story of rags-to-riches. Through it all, he remained a true artist, whether painting hoardings, designing furniture or making films. That Husain was one of the greatest artists in the world is beyond doubt. His expression of creativity can be seen not only in his paintings but also in the love he had for the places and people that shaped his legendary status. In this richly photographed book Pradeep Chandra pays tribute to M.F. Husain, an artists who he has been photographing for decades. Chandra paints a picture of the man behind the artist in an attempt to understand the legendary painter through his work, installations, cinema, family, friends, the women who inspired him and his undying love of art. It celebrates the life of great artist and a great man, whose passing has left a lacuna in the world of art and in the lives of those who love and admire him.