Rabindranath Tagore : His World Of Art

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Authors: Supriya Roy; Sushoban Adikhary

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Published: July 2014

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Supplier: Pathak Shamabesh


Rabindranath Tagore: His World of Art focuses on the artist's world, including cultural influence, visual development and use of color both in his art and in his writing. It features his work in the context of German Expressionism, his role in the development of a modern art in India, his idea of aesthetics and its introduction into Santiniketan as well as accounts of his exhibitions and his interaction with the global art world.

This volume traces the course of the artist's life; his paintings are discussed chronologically, his unique perspective is reflected throughout his writing, and has now been translated from Bengali into English. A brilliant insight into his life and influences and the impact that his work has within the international art scene.